I warned you,

I am demanding,

I can complete you,

I will make your life easier,

I will make your life simpler,

I warned you,

I am attractive,

I am an addiction,

I will overpower you,

I will give you instant gratification…

You warned me,

Now, I am a victim to your abuse,

You are choking me and my relationships,

I feel like I have cinder blocks, pulling me down…

You warned me,

You love to hurt me in subtle ways,

You can never really go away,

For you are in me and all the things

I wear, eat, drink, play, turn on, sleep, and use…

Oh Plastic, you were toxic,

Yet, so attractive,

Oh Plastic, I underestimated you,

You are keeping me, hostage,

In the name of convenience,

Your love is ruthless,

But I am done!

This is it,

I am breaking free…

In my own way,

I will go against the tide,

One day at a time, one thing at a time,

A bag, a cup, a bottle, a straw

Oh Plastic, I am breaking free…

–          Pinky Chandran, July 2019