How to handle medical waste, kitchen waste, recyclables during COVID-19 pandemic?
April 29, 2020 Pinky Chandran

How Karnataka is setting the example for effective plastic disposal practices

By Pinky Chandran & Sandya Narayanan|7th Jun 2018

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Why burn garbage when there are better alternatives

February 1, 2018Pinky Chandran

From waste wise projects to dry waste centers, story of trash in Bengaluru | Published Citizen Matters December 9, 2015

Rechristening Dharavi from Slum to Industrial Zone | Published Waste Narratives November 16, 2015

The Invisible Green Workers | Published: HardNews October 16, 2014

Why do waste-pickers continue to be a neglected lot, in spite of their vital contribution to keeping a city clean? PinkyChandran, KabirArora and Nalini Shekhar Bengaluru

Beginning from Home | Published: Hard News October 16, 2014

A decentralised system of segregating and disposing waste will go a long way in cleaning up our landfills Pinky Chandran and Sandya Narayanan Bengaluru

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