What if your trash could talk?

From the worn out sneakers that ran marathon,

To the tubes that held lavender infused body wash,

From the empty bottles of alcohol that tell tales of midnight woes,

To the printer, that wouldn’t print any love stories,

From the strings that could not tie,

To the mirror that broke hearts,

From the clock that could not heal,

To the chocolate wrappers that could no longer aid sinful pursuits,

But what about your mattress, your favourite dress, the special toy,

Does one ever pause to wonder

Of the journey of your trash?

A  crisis is brewing,and it goes beyond the problem of waste, for everything is connected- air, water, soil. Is all lost then? Not at all

Have you ever wondered?

What is waste?

How is it wasted

And who works with waste and why? 

-Pinky Chandran July 2016