How do you institute a system to change lives? How do you build systemic changes that go beyond organising a community and providing them with identity cards? How do you improve working conditions, without compromising on identity, flexibility and autonomy? How does one build predictable income for waste pickers? Why was it important for reimagination of work that waste pickers do? How does one ensure dignity while mobilising the community? Why is it necessary to elevate waste picker issues to the national level?

ON THE GROUND:Stories of Waste Workers and Waste Pickers in Asia Volume 1: India, was recently released by the

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA). Through stories of Anita Mahadev Bhosale, Asha Baban Zombade, Sarika Baban Gaikwad, Alumelu and Sushila Mokal, the report traces the ground realities of women waste pickers in India and the organisations that have been working to bring about a change in the lives of waste pickers.

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